Agent Investor Deal Flow March 27 2024

Real Estate
Deal Flow

-428Days -19Hours -33Mins -29Sec

Dive deep into the world of real estate investment and discover how agents like you can form profitable partnerships with investors

Our seasoned instructors, who have already made millions using these techniques, will share their invaluable insights and strategies.

March 27, 2024


Who Should Attend?
Real estate agents eager to expand their horizons by forming strong, profitable partnerships with investors in the real estate market.

This enlightening workshop, valued at $997, is available to you for just $97. Plus, enjoy a complimentary lunch on us!

We Only Have A Limited Number Of Seats For This Event.

The Plan Was To Charge Everyone $497,
BUT – We Decided To Charge Only $97, and
include 2 more sessions.

You Will Be Served a Catered Lunch. You’ll also receive a VIP Complimentary Pass to our
Investor Schooling Money Hacks Class and Monday Mastermind

Click The Link Below And Register Right Now!

Agenda and Format

  • Investor Insights: Understand the mindset of millionaire investors and what they seek in real estate agents. 
  • Building Trust: Learn the art of establishing and nurturing trust with potential investor partners. 
  • Off-Market Opportunities: Explore how to present and secure exclusive off-market deals that appeal to investors. 
  • Financing Strategies: Delve into creative financing options that millionaire investors favor and how agents can facilitate these transactions. 

Speaker, Host, MC
Larry Steinhouse

As A Long-Term Investor, Larry Knows His Stuff!  As A Business Coach, Larry Has Helped People To Learn New Ways Of Making Any Business More Portable. His Marketing Skills Are Top Notch, Both On And Off Line.
Have You Seen Him Before? If Not, You Will Soon!

As the Founder of Investor Schooling, Larry Teaches Students How To Make Real Money And Build Real Wealth. He Has Helped His Students Through Every Step Of The Process Of Searching For, Buying, Rehabbing And Then Renting Or Selling Real Estate And He Also Teaches, How To Invest In Stock Options.

Here’s What To Expect

If you’ve never attended one of our events before you’ve never experienced the power of our masterminds. 

This is your chance to pick the brains of our speakers and mentors who have already “been there, done that!” and let them help guide you through the lessons they’ve learned when they were where you are right now.

  • Diversify Your Portfolio: Understand the nuances of investment properties and how they differ from traditional listings. Steady Revenue Stream: By partnering with investors, ensure a consistent flow of business even in uncertain market conditions. 
  • Expand Your Skillset: Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to cater to a broader clientele, including seasoned millionaire investors. 
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: With insights from our millionaire instructors, position yourself at the forefront of the real estate-investor nexus. 

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